Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Capital Celluloid - Day 269: Wednesday Sept 28

A Canterbury Tale (Powell & Pressburger, 1943):
Roxy Bar and Screen, 7pm chosen and introduced by special guest Tilda Swinton

This is part of the Scala Forever season, a programme of 111 films and events at 26 venues through to October 2 that will celebrate the wonderful Scala cinema at King's Cross which closed in 1993. Here is an article I wrote in the Guardian on the history of the cinema and the season and here are the details of all the movies and special events on offer, via the Scala Forever website.

In a late change to the original programme, Swinton will introduce A Canterbury Tale instead of A Matter of Life and Death. It's an extraordinary piece of work and a rare screening too. 

Time Out review:

'Michael Powell's extraordinary film proceeds from the faintly bizarre story of three characters (a land girl, a British sergeant and a US sergeant) who, arriving by the same train in a small Kent village, make friends and set out to unmask the mysterious 'glue man' who pours glue on to the hair of girls out late at night with servicemen. But the film shows a sharp awareness of the tensions underlying a country community in wartime - from rural resentment of the influx of outsiders to more long-term fears of the decay of a traditional social order. An assertion of stability to counterbalance these is provided by Powell's almost mystical sense of historical continuity, epitomised by Canterbury Cathedral and the Pilgrims' Way as captured in Erwin Hillier's lyrical photography. Though infuriatingly difficult to categorise, the film is bold, inventive, stimulating and extremely entertaining.' Allan T Sutherland

This is all you could wish for from a movie.

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